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sullic replied to your post “but where do people get the idea that f(x) have very low sales?? how…”

f(x) have good sales wtf??? i swear ppl take any chance to shit on them. i saw exo stans call f(x) stans whiny the other day and i almost LOST IT!!!! ofc we’re whiny but u stan exo no1 cares about ur opinion lmao shut up

i fucking know right. i just. please, if you need to come up with a reason why f(x) deserve to be shafted by sm, don’t blame it on their album sales. they have always been far less than snsd’s sales, true, but like….

according to wikipedia (ik ik, wikipedia): pinocchio sold 98,473+, hot summer repackage sold 97,877+, pink tape sold 85,138+ (and 15,000+ in jpn??), while nu abo mini sold 38,088+ and electric shock mini sold 82,125+ (and 15,243+ in jpn??). these are not bad sales figures when it comes to kpop??? i just???? why do people think f(x) have such bad sales????????? it’s like this misconception i see all over the place?? they’re no snsd or exo but these sure as hell aren’t bad sales?? and pink tape was promoted for what, two and a half weeks, and had one ot5 fanmeet iirc and there was no repackage and like… imagine if sm gave a fuck??

lmao i’ve been losing it over exo stans calling f(x) stans whiny and acting like there’s absolutely no reason for it like…….. dude. and as if exo stans are never whiny either l o l

but where do people get the idea that f(x) have very low sales?? how do people get this idea????

when it came to physical albums they were the second best selling girl group of last year, second only to snsd, and i think they most likely beat several boy groups in terms of album sales?? afaik they did well digitally too?????????

they have lower sales when compared to many other sm acts but it’s not like they don’t have any album sales at all?? what even

If Jesus came back, promoted his comeback single, and won a music show, there would still be comments like...

  • 1: [+4,810, -689] "He wouldn't have won if Buddha was promoting..."
  • 2: [+4,281, -253] "The power of HVN Entertainment, must be nice being the son of the CEO."
  • 3: [+3,456, -273] "I'm glad he's gone solo, but I miss the Super Apostle days! OT13 FOREVER!!!"
  • 4: [+3,090, -644] "The song's good, they just need to fix this crucifixion concept, has too much skin exposure!"
  • 5: [+768, -65] "The power of his fandom, I'll never forget when Christians turned off their cross lightsticks during Judas' Dream Concert performance ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ black ocean ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"
  • 6: [+836, -149] "When will we finally get a full album?! What is HVN CEO thinking?!"
  • 7: [+694, -34] "JESUS OPPA FIGHTING!!!"
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to nap or not nap before work, that is the question


you don’t wanna be my girlfriend, phoebe | my little airport

Track Name:Unknown You Don't Wanna Be My Girlfriend, Phoebe
Artist:Unknown My Little Airport
Album:Unknown The OK Thing To Do On Sunday Afternoon Is To Toddle In The Zoo
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