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Anonymous :Tomlinshaw! "Please come get me" please please please


There’s no one left in his phone to call except for one number. Louis’ thumb hovers over the contact for a moment, before he swallows his utter disgust with himself and pushes down.


Louis’ startled by his voice, which is so completely stupid because he dialled his number. “Uh, hi. Um, Nick?”

"Yeah? Who’s this?" Nick sounds a bit off, like maybe he’d been sleeping. Louis glances at his watch and winces, because at 3am on a Saturday morning, he probably had been.

"Um, it’s Louis," he says, rolling his eyes at himself. "Louis Tomlinson."

There’s a long pause, before he hears Nick clear his throat. “Um, what’s up, Louis Tomlinson? Any reason you’re calling me completely out of the blue in the middle of the night?”

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succulents my mom planted  ˘◡˘


SOPHIAM up in here looking 5 times richer than anyone else there like a god damn power couple

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ai otsuka - love fantastic

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