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untouched by the veronicas > the 60s

It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless.

—L.R. Knost

i sincerely hope that the anyone who says that sulli’s mental exhaustion isn’t good enough a reason to take a hiatus from being a public figure doesn’t have anyone with mental health issues in their lives

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“hey do u like plants” (me flirting) 

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rock steady| a collection of all girl rock groups, female fronted rock/indie bands, and female singer/songwriters

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i am so relieved that we have news about sulli and i’m so glad for her to be able to make the decision i’m going to assume is the best for her. i hope she takes the time she needs to rest and heal both body and spirit.

i haven’t really looked and i’m not going to look but it seems like there are people out there who are saying that being physically and mentally exhausted aren’t good enough reasons for someone to need a break because that’s what i saw that just glancing at some things that have been said in response to these news, and those people need to shut the fuck up. that is so incredibly disgusting and you know what saying that other idols have had to do with worse are clearly not completely aware of sulli’s situation and also unaware of the fact that different people handle things differently and have different breaking points. you people are part of the problem.

i almost can’t believe how much negativity you need to feel for someone to not be able to be compassionate about young woman in a situation as this. perhaps there is something more to her reasons to leave and how sm is dealing with the situation is…. yeah.. but as it is we have no idea about anything but what we’ve been told, and some people out there are really reaching. 

mental health is no joke. mental health also affects your physical health if you’re one of those people who think that only physical health is good enough of a reason to need a break! if you don’t remember sulli has already been hospitalised for stress related abdominal pain this year! (or perhaps she’s been pregnant twice this year i’m sure that’s much more reasonable l o l) the most common theory i’ve gathered in regards to sulli’s mental health is depression and or a nervous breakdown, which i wouldn’t consider that far of a stretch. 

i am extremely selfishly grateful as a sulli and f(x) fan that we got to see her in red light and the first half(?) of promotions, and she was a sight to behold in the milk and all night performances. (and her red light performances were so much better than rum pum pum pum!) 

now all i wish for her is to get well and maybe get the hell out of the entertainment business because quite frankly this shit isn’t worth it.

sulli’s health is worth more than whatever entitlement to entertainment you believe you have as a fan.

it is not her fault sm made the decision to discontinue f(x)’s promotions when they could have let the group continue as they did last week. it sucks for the other girls that the situation is what it is and that they’re getting shafted yet again by sm. (although…. wasn’t the general consensus that krystal looked ready to pass out onstage, and i think i’ve heard something about victoria filming a movie in china? (don’t quote me on that though.) perhaps it is better for the individual members that the group promos came to a halt, as both luna and amber also have individual activities at the moment.) 

as a f(x) fan i’m crushed this era ended like this - that it really turned out to be too good to be true. hah. however, to be angry at sulli for it is disgusting. you can not help if you get ill. 

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