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call me a bad girl, i’ll still call you baby girl

krystal+sulli | ~580 words | girl gang au / violence cw

girl gang f(x) is something i’ve been wanting to write for some time now, and even more so with the red light concept ;;; pushed into actually writing something because of this fanart and this song

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 Sy__Jessica: Can you make a heart too? I want to seeeeeee

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Hyomdot | DO NOT EDIT.
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sometimes I forget “here cutie have a nacho” isn’t a real quote

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Kaskade & Project 46 - Last Chance. Off of Kaskade’s “Atmosphere

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soft boiled


i burn the toast while reading old love letters
but the eggs are fine. to be sixteen,
when someone squeezes juice for you, perfects a
runny egg for you, spreads margarine
on toast for your convenience, leaves time
to idly ooze your prose across a page.
my sixteen self sopped up the sweetest lines
and sent back stacks of syrup-sogged précis,
but i’m still reading this over my brunch.

between being and becoming, there’s a place
familiar, a pleasure in the mush
between the firm and flowing - in the taste
of love soft-boiled, six minutes, surface-deep
in doneness, raw at heart, and young in heat.

— joshua yip